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Blake Harrison
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Michael Rodriguez

Blake Harrison, a UC Santa Barbara graduate, is the innovative founder and driving force behind Solar Panels San Diego. His journey in the solar industry was inspired during his university years, where he developed a keen interest in sustainable energy. Recognizing a gap in the market for knowledgeable solar providers, Blake established Solar Panels San Diego. His diverse educational background and deep understanding of the sector allow him to cater to a wide range of customer needs, focusing on financial benefits and design aesthetics. Blake’s commitment to exceptional service, value, and integrity is the cornerstone of his company’s ethos.

Michael Rodriguez, a Texas native and SMU graduate, is a co-founder of SolarPanelsSanDiego.org, alongside Blake Harrison. With a strong foundation in HVAC systems and a solar contractor’s license, Michael brings a wealth of expertise to the solar energy industry. His journey from Texas to California symbolizes his commitment to advancing renewable energy. At SolarPanelsSanDiego.org, his role is pivotal in integrating HVAC proficiency with solar technology, ensuring that the company stands out for its comprehensive and knowledgeable approach to solar installations. Michael’s dedication is a key element in the company’s success and growth.

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Tyler Johnson, Engineer
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Carlos Hernandez, Solar Technician
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Chris Garcia, Project Manager
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Jake Thompson, Solar Sales Consultant

Tyler Johnson, a native Californian and University of Minnesota graduate in Electrical Engineering, joined SolarPanelsSanDiego.org in 2023. As an engineer with a deep understanding of electrical systems, Tyler plays a crucial role in enhancing the technical aspects of the company’s solar projects, contributing to their innovation and efficiency in the solar energy sector. His addition to the team reinforces the company’s commitment to utilizing top-tier expertise in its mission to advance solar energy solutions.

Carlos Hernandez, a Solar Technician hailing from Arizona, joined SolarPanelsSanDiego.org with a robust background in business, having completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona. His unique blend of technical solar expertise and business acumen contributes significantly to the company’s operational efficiency and customer service excellence. Carlos’s role is instrumental in ensuring the smooth execution of solar projects, from installation to client relations.

Chris Garcia, a San Jose native, brings a remarkable 17 years of experience in the solar industry to his role as Project Manager at SolarPanelsSanDiego.org. His extensive background and deep understanding of the solar field have been instrumental in driving the company’s projects to success. Chris’s expertise, particularly in managing complex solar projects, has been vital in maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency within the company.

Jake Thompson, originally from North Carolina, is a passionate Solar Sales Consultant at SolarPanelsSanDiego.org. From a young age, Jake was captivated by solar and renewable energy, nurturing a dream to be a part of the solar industry. His enthusiasm and knowledge in solar solutions make him an invaluable asset to the team, where he excels in guiding customers through the journey of adopting solar energy, aligning their needs with the best sustainable energy solutions.

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